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January 27th 2024

TLDR: MakeForms has implemented several enhancements and fixes, focusing on user experience improvements, interface optimization, and internationalization. Key updates include signup optimization, improved validation, streamlined field duplication, CTA button styling enhancements, layout adjustments, and the introduction of internationalization features.

  • Signup Optimization: Streamlined the signup process for a better user experience.

  • @ Calling Validation: Enhanced in both paragraph and label sections for question group fields.

  • Field Duplication Focus: Adjusted focus to the newly created field upon duplication.

  • CTA Button Styling: Unified styling for newly added buttons in the Welcome and Thank You screens.

  • New CTA in Welcome Screen: Resolved alignment issues and checked the gap between content and button.

  • Autofill Removal: Disabled the autofill feature for cleaner form inputs.

  • Choice Field Dimensions: Addressed layout shifts in single and multi-choice fields.

  • Editor and Dashboard Translation: Enhanced translation, currently in staging.

  • Sequential Translation Feature: Implemented translation for forms one at a time.

  • Video Update Fix: Resolved issues with video content not updating properly.

  • [FEATURE] Internationalization: Launched internationalization capabilities for broader reach.

  • [FEATURE] Description for Question Groups: Added descriptive text feature for question groups.

  • Various Fixes: Including question group validation, active status on cloned fields, and CTA button styling and alignment.

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