Dynamic Smart Codes

Introduce dynamic smart codes for use in different areas, such as:

  • Anywhere "@Select Fields" is offered

  • Input default value

  • Form Logic

  • Email messages

  • Workflows

This is useful to pre-fill content or to generate Reference IDs for user submissions.

Examples of dynamic codes, inspired by another platform:

  • {date.m/d/Y}, for date/time, where the format (m/d/Y) can be changed

  • {random.a1}, for a random string of length 2 where "a" is alphabet and "1" is number

  • {user.browser} user's browser name

  • {user.platform} user's device platform

  • {http_referer}

  • {user.ip}, subject to compliance approval

  • {cookie.name} get value of a cookie

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6 months ago

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